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Queen's Gardens Amenities


This tiny building provides a small landmark in central Nelson, responding to the heritage context with a contemporary and innovative design that references surrounding features.

The building integrates with the existing context by extending the brickwork of an existing boundary wall forming the backdrop to the existing stage. This has the advantage of eliminating space behind the facility, which is an advantage for security. A self-supporting arched roof of aluminium construction is supported by the brickwork, spaced above to create suitable headroom. Glazed clerestory windows infill the interstitial space which visually separates the wall and roof, and allows daylight to the interior.

The roof extends forward to provide shelter to the doors and to increase the presence of the building entrances. The roof is supported by fluted posts, making a deliberate reference to the canopies on adjacent buildings. The connection between support posts and the roof is celebrated with a polished collar.

The front panel and doors are formed with a decorative aluminum and obscured glass screen, allowing light in during daylight hours and out in darkness. The pattern on the screen is based on the central boss to the decorative lamp forming the centerpiece to upper Trafalgar Street

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