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Retro Orthodontist

Our client brief was to update the reception and treatment room areas with a retro scheme and include colours to create a welcoming atmosphere for patients.  No structural changes were made, the renovation focused on updating the colour scheme, carpet and improving lighting levels.


The inspiration for colours came from the fabrics used to recover the restored retro chairs now used in reception. This fabric collection is from Warwick Fabrics outdoor range, its durable, colourfast and will cope with the hundreds of people who visit reception each week. By mixing the fabric patterns each piece of furniture adds fun and interest to the space.


Adding strength to the retro, kiwiana concept a Glenn Jones art piece hangs in reception repeating the colour palette of blue, orange and yellow wonderfully. This and the Ian Blackwell road signs add layers of interest.


With increasing research into what makes a healthy, productive work space, plants are now included in reception– these particular plants are great at filtering toxins found in fabrics, carpets, cleaning products and purifying the air.


The ceiling lights in reception use electrical conduit between LED lights that form a unique lighting art display, that also repeats the hub and spoke pattern in the wallpaper, both referencing orthodontic braces and wires.   


The introduction of the wallpaper in the x-ray area, now defines this zone in the clinic.


Not wanting to forget the original kitchen, it received a fresh coat of paint which creates it a fresh welcoming space that connects well to the lunch area that has the same vivid blue colour, and the chev orange radiator will keep the room toasty in winter.


The treatments rooms have not been neglected of colour or retro references. Over scaled art offers a focal point to the rooms which complement the new high tech, treatment chairs covered in vinyl fabrics to compliment the colours in reception, creating unity. The recessed LED extrusions lights, controlled on dimmers, ensure that the detailed work performed is well seen. 

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First appearances count, and lets face it, no one actually likes visiting the dentist or orthodontist. Mixing pattern and colours our aim was to create a welcoming atmosphere
Using wallpaper in the x-ray area creates a zone in this area
colour to 1970's kitchen joinery makes a huge impact
The hub and spoke pattern on this wall paper references the brace and wire fixed to teeth by orthodontists - it also inspired the ceiling light design

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