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Siso | Remuera

Located in affluent Remuera, Siso was designed to be a refuge from the slick nature of the suburb. Soft, natural moments with texture and character deliver a casual, humble aesthetic, while darker complementary areas offer warmth and shadow to inject a sense of mood and intimacy.

The concept was essentially derived from three keywords – intimate, collected, residential. The idea was to create an intimate and cosy local bar and eatery with subtle residential cues that soften the commercial hospitality experience.

The differing table settings create a casual, friendly dining area. Drapes saturate the rear room, and feature throughout the rest of the space to add softness and help separate spaces. We also layered artefacts and objects on the shelves and hung framed artwork, reinforcing the residential look and feel.

The timber-soaked private dining room is a special oasis that’s lit by flickering candles and forms a humble and inviting spot.

To select the colours, we looked at the traditional cues of the Mediterranean. Guided by the natural Sandstone cliffs and traditional architecture seen in Southern Italy, Turkey and Greece, we landed on a deep terracotta as the dominant colour. The ceilings were painted in a gloss finish which helped reflect the natural light making the space appear bigger and brighter.

It was important that the interior matched the modern Mediterranean cuisine which supported the clash of identities. The colours, artwork and styling pieces chosen were intentionally selected to contrast against the neutral, subdued and natural tones to add an element of surprise and contemporary flair. We deliberately applied contrasting ideas of old and new to create a diverse space within the current hospitality offering.

The arches were introduced to hide some architectural challenges, disguising a change in ceiling levels, while the placement of the archways hides structural building features and eliminates two awkward existing doorways. This feature also helps divide a long narrow space into 3 divisions which can be cordoned off during private events or quieter months.

Using basic, cost-effective materials in creative ways has helped us achieve an impactful space while coming in under budget. The unique application of standard white tiles with wide grouting achieves an elevated look.

We also managed to create extra space by knocking out the wall to the old bank vault. Adding a window within the circular opening in the concrete at the front of the building disguises its former purpose.

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