Designed for a young family who were keen to embrace Passive House principles whilst creating their dream home. This house was designed as a combination of the traditional and the contemporary to create a timeless home for many years to come. 

European windows and glass have been used with high levels of earthwool insulation, air-tightness, balanced heat exchange, and ground source heat to create a large, but energy efficient home. 

"We wanted a home that provides a great environment to raise our children.  We wanted both a healthy environment and a loving environment.  It needed to be warm in winter, cool in summer, with healthy air... Form followed function in that we wanted to create spaces that support the way we want to live, while still being beautiful... like a good business we wanted the house to have rock-solid character and values while utilising the latest technology under the hood”. 

Photography by Sam Hartnett

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Team Green Architects was established in 2013 by Sian Taylor and Mark Read, with the purpose of offering New Zealander's a better solution when it comes to designing buildings. Based in Queenstown, we’re lucky enough to be able to design buildings in some of the most beautiful locations you can imagine.  

In five years our dedicated team has grown, and is committed to creating, energy efficient and beautiful buildings. 

Team is an important part of what makes Team Green Architects. When you choose to engage Team Green Architects, you become part of the team. Your thoughts and ideas are a vital part of the process. In addition to the inhouse team, Team Green Architects has an external team of consultants, contractors and suppliers whose knowledge and experience is valued throughout the process. The sum of all these team members is helping us to reach our vision "to set a new standard and fundamentally change the way buildings are designed and constructed in New Zealand."

We want to change expectations of how people live in New Zealand. We also want to change expectations of how we as a country design and construct buildings. With Team Green we make sure every project makes a difference to the quality of life for our clients and to the world around us.  Our promise from day one is to work closely with you to ensure your brief and your dreams are fully understood. We make sure we get to know what is really important to you. We will join you on your journey, and together enjoy creating something exceptional.