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The design of the Tailor Inc office environment honours & enhances the heritage of the building yet seamlessly modernizes it for 2020 and our new normal. There is a casual flow between the workspaces which are set up for our different teams and a board room that looks out onto the adjoining Britomart Hotel. The generous kitchen and lounge areas are where they come together to refuel and relax.

With its 130 years of adaptation, change and reuse, all the internal surfaces in the building have a story to tell. The contrasting brickwork, open portals and layers of finishes which are akin to patchwork, are all reminiscent of the occupants from years gone by. The untouched Kauri timber floors and beams were some of the last of their kind to be laid in the Britomart precinct and make up an integral part of the building with the presence of previous residents etched into the beams and columns throughout, as a form of historical graffiti.

  • Location: Britomart - Auckland
  • Size: 386m2
  • Date: September 2020
  • Photographer: Mark Scowan
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Tailor Inc Office
Tailor Inc Office
Tailor Inc Office
Tailor Inc Office
Tailor Inc Office
Tailor Inc Office

About the

Tailor Inc is New Zealand's respected market leader in Property Strategy, Commercial Design and Project Management.

Creative intelligence, anchored by insight, driven by expertise.

Property Strategy: The heart and the start

Strategy is the heart and driver of each of our projects. Correct and comprehensive planning is the key to unlock varied property opportunities. Every project is unique. Only by asking ‘What?’ and ‘Why?’ can we then determine the ‘How?’

We begin by gaining a clear understanding of your business and goals. We gather information, and above all, listen before we strategise and brainstorm collaboratively. It means our strategic thinking is founded on real problems or opportunities, so the resulting projects will deliver true value to your business.


  • Property Development Advisory
  • Project Due Diligence and Facilitation
  • Client Representation
  • Project Feasibility
  • Resource Consents & Planning
  • Consultant Procurement
  • Portfolio and Brand Management
  • Project Governance and Project Directorship

Commercial Design: Beauty that means business

Is it beautiful if it isn’t functional? We don’t think so. That’s why your project won’t just meet your brand aspirations now and in the future, it will deliver on your functional needs. You’ll have the benefit of our team’s diverse and innovative perspectives from their varied design backgrounds, an agile design process to explore multiple avenues and our collaborative approach. Good design is a journey that begins with listening and understanding, so we arrive at a solution that perfectly suits your business. We have experience working on the workplace, retail, food and beverage, hotel and multi-storey residential projects.


  • Site selection, Test-Fits and Space Planning
  • Design Strategy
  • Retail, Workplace, Hospitality and Residential Interior Design
  • Retail Design Management
  • FF&E Procurement
  • Building Consents
  • Design Management

Project Management: The delivery’s in the detail

Your unique understanding of how your project will drive value for your business – that’s where we start. Then we look past the obvious to extract that intrinsic value. Part of that is allowing a project to evolve during its life cycle, with firm change management to avoid scope creep, overspending and time-wasting. Together we can help you understand how to work within cost and time constraints while retaining maximum flexibility.

At every step, we focus on solutions, leveraging our creative background, collective experience and network of consultants to manage time, cost, quality and scope.


  • Client Representation
  • Due Diligence and Feasibility
  • Authority approvals and Consent Management
  • Contract Management
  • Design Management
  • Programming
  • Procurement Management
  • Retail & Workplace Project Management
  • Portfolio & Brand Management
  • Tenancy Coordination
  • Services Co-ordination Management
  • Financial Management
  • Project Governance