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Thom Street, New Lynn

Project Overview

Thomas Consultants undertook the Engineering Design and Construction Monitoring for public infrastructure serving 82 terrace houses and apartments for Kainga Ora.

The Goal

The development's aim was to provide houses for 300 Kāinga Ora tenants. The site was completed and opened in November 2020 on an 11,046m2 site in New Lynn, Auckland. The project includes 7 stand-alone two-storey houses, 3 two-level apartment blocks with 9 units in each, and 3 three-level apartments blocks with 4-6 units in each. They are all accessed via a new public road.

The Process

Our team was involved from inception through to completion. This encompassed engineering design and construction monitoring for the 82 residential units including earthworks, water, wastewater, stormwater, and roading.  Our design team utilised software & three-dimensional modeling packages which allowed quick, efficient, and rationalised design producing the best product for our client.

We prepared scheduled quantities and tender documents for the project. We provided construction monitoring for the works and obtained sign-offs from Watercare, Auckland Council & Auckland Transport.

The Outcome

We worked closely with our client and the contractors and ensured the project was finished on time and on budget. We also ensured compliance with the various requirements of resource, engineering, and building consents to ensure the project finished with the release of titles as quickly as possible once construction activity was completed.

The project drew on our experience of:

  • Stormwater & wastewater systems
  • Road and earthworks
  • Stability improvement and retaining
  • Effects on the environment and the community of large scale developments

Thomas Consultants has been working with Kāinga Ora on several projects across Auckland, continuing to build a great relationship with them.

Services Provided

  • Engineering Design Drainage
  • Engineering Design Public Road
  • Construction Monitoring

Project Completion: November 2020

Photo Credit - Thomas Consultants

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