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Valley House

An extensive renovation to a Remuera villa with the addition of a modern wing designed by Keshaw McArthur, carefully orchestrates a soft minimalist material palette that creates euphony between the old and the new and the inside and out. Interested in creating an interior with ‘a sense of calm and an environment which could act as a backdrop for changes in natural light and shadow from the exterior gardens’, Keshaw McArthur were drawn to Ambitec’s Suave interior plaster for its depth and tactility and the ability to fine tune this material to suit the demands of the spaces.

“Through the way in which the Suave finish responds to light and shadow, we were able to instil a sense of pause within the spaces,” says McArthur. With harmony, longevity and presence being core principles to Keshaw McArthur’s practice, Ambitec Suave through its gently crafted nature perfectly complements and reflect these principles throughout the spaces of Valley House.

  • Product: Ambitec Suave.
  • Application: Walls and Ceilings.
  • Colours: Gravel White, Gravel Grey 1/4 & 3/4, Old Green Triple, Illusion.
  • Finish: Medium grade polish.

Photography by Thomas Seear-Budd.

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A carefully curated set of Ambitec Suave colours were used throughout the home to define areas and to add continuity throughout. Softer shades of white and grey feature in the common areas with Suave ‘illusion’ selected for the ceilings throughout and ‘Gr
Darker tones of custom ‘greys’ and a luxe ‘Old grey green triple’ feature in the more intimate spaces with concealed doors seamlessly hidden within the texture and movement of the polished plaster.

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