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This family house sums up Box™ in many ways. Discrete, elegant, not too big and full of modernist flavour.

The owner, a graduate architect himself and a successful design business owner had a big hand in the design of the house. The site is on top of the ridge, so it was important that the house was not too dominant. It is perched against the ridge, floating along the tops of the trees with all-day sun and fantastic views of bush and sea.

The most important area is the kitchen/living area which flows out onto a deck that has both covered and uncovered areas. The master bedroom and ensuite also form part of this pod, which is separated from the children’s bedroom pod by a small covered external link. The beauty of the arrangement is that the children have their own space, and if they are not around the parents don’t feel as though they float around a large uninhabited house, limiting themselves to the kitchen/living/master bedroom pod.

There are a number of subtle design features, including a ‘walk-behind’ wardrobe in the master bedroom, separate children's area, mixed covered decks and a subtle storage ‘spine’, which supports the roof of the ‘drive-through’ carport.

This is a fantastic case study of flexible design that has adapted as the children have grown up and a case of ‘just the right amount of space.

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Box™ design and build are a team of architects and builders based in Auckland. All rolled into one. We are focused on helping you build your dream home.

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