The Vodafone Events Centre was designed with a deep appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage of the local community. The design process involved extensive consultation with Māori and Pacific Island communities to ensure that the centre reflected their unique architectural traditions and performance styles. This collaborative effort resulted in the creation of stunning artwork, which was incorporated throughout the facility.

As part of a joint venture with Cox Architects, we played a significant role in the planning and architectural design of the centre, taking the lead on multiple aspects such as the theatre, indoor arena, outdoor plaza and events space, car parking, and landscaping. 

The centre’s design is a reflection of the interplay between Māori and Pacific Island architectural styles. The giant truss, spanning from end to end, resembles the tauhuhu of a whare, while the lightweight ‘leaves’ of the roof suggest the lightly framed roof of a fale (traditional Samoan house). The centre’s design was informed by discussions with iwi and the Pacific Island community of South Auckland, resulting in a unique and harmonious interplay of styles. 

To cater to the diverse functional requirements of the centre, particular attention was given to its planning, which took into account the distinct ways in which these communities inhabit space.

The Genesis Theatre, for instance, was planned to accommodate the Pacific Island people’s preference for the periphery, while also allowing for axial, symmetrical performances, in keeping with Māori traditions. The facility boasts a 700-seat theatre and a 3,000-seat indoor arena, both of which can be reconfigured to accommodate a wide variety of cultural, sporting, and entertainment events. 

The result is a functional, eye-catching design, which illustrates the multicultural nature of Auckland’s population, and contributes to a sense of belonging to Aotearoa.

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