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The crafting of this holiday retreat was initiated through an analysis of the existing typology of buildings types in the area.

The clients wanted to be sympathetic to the local architecture fabric with respect to form and the size of the building in relation to the site and create a joyful place to send time as a couple, with family and with friends.

The form of the building is reminiscent of other simple gabled buildings in the area and then the form has been manipulated to split the gable and create a positive and negative crafting of the building that provides an engaging interaction with the journey through the retreat.

Upon arrival you are presented with a large gabled form and a double height entry welcoming you into a light filled gallery space.  To the west you journey past the main bedroom and a courtyard space, the east side houses a hidden garage, guest rooms and facilities, a lounge type space for relaxing away from the beach activities.  At the end of the gallery/hallway there is an in situ concrete wall and an artwork that needed a special place, beyond the wall you are thrown out to a glazed connection to the beach and Clark’s Island, the back and the front of the house being the complete opposite.

There’s longevity in the design and material selection, which we would like to think would still be relevant in 15 or 20 years’ time.

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