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Willowpark Homestead

Willowpark Homestead, originally built in 1880, 10 minutes up the valley from Ōamaru has been lovingly and thoroughly restored by its owners. The couple have undertaken a complete renovation of the Ōamaru stone home and extended the already substantial home even more. There is an abundance of limestone including a full exterior, including sills, window and door jambs, caps and corner stones. 

As well, Ōamaru stone graces many interior areas including the internal garden, the garden kitchen and pantry. Outside, the potager garden was extended using Ōamaru limestone with a sand blasted finish. There is magic to be made in this place, for certain, keep an eye out for more on this home as well as the incredible owners. The kicker - the home is built with materials to last for another 150 years, at least.

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