19mm Flat Panel Cavity Closer

The function of the cavity closer is to prevent vermin intrusion, and to promote weather-tightness by allowing drainage and air ventilation to dry the cavity should moisture breach the external cladding. The Redway range of uPVC Cavity Closers have been designed to provide the ideal solution for architects, builders and installers to meet these requirements. Redway Cavity Closers are available at all leading building merchants nationwide.

  • Category
    Roof Flashings & Cappings
  • BRANZ Appraised (Australia 980)
  • UV stabilised PVC as required by BCA
  • Biologically and chemically resistant to treated materials
  • Lightweight for easy transportation and installation
  • Colour - White
  • Model Name - 19mm Cavity Closer
  • Model Number - RDCC19
  • Material - uPVC
Flat Cladding

Redway has designed a top and bottom Cavity Closer from extruded uPVC to be used in either a Drained Cavity wall or Ventilated Cavity wall situation.

  • A drained cavity wall is vented at the bottom only. Water is able to drain and limited (but often sufficient) air is able to enter the cavity to dry any remaining moisture between wetting cycles. Products required: Redway Cavity Closer.
  • A ventilated cavity wall is vented at the top and bottom. As per the drained cavity, the bottom vent allows drainage and air entry. The addition of the top vent creates a moving air path. This method should be considered when drying is inhibited due to rapid wetting cycles or where walls are permanently shaded as they pose a higher risk of moisture build up and mould formation. Products required: Redway Cavity Closer and Redway Top Vent Cavity Closer.
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