Phonic Absorb Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Acoustic ceiling tiles are one of the most effective ways to reduce the transmission of noises and have a long history of improving and helping reduce background noise and reduce the reverberation and echo in a space. The Phonic (C Max) Absorb acoustic ceiling tile is a glass wool tile with a refined white or black painted monolithic pre-finished face. 

The C Max is an extremely high performance acoustic absorption (NRC) ceiling tile. This mid-range tile is suitable for exhibit halls, museums, medical centres, offices, classrooms, receptions, meeting rooms and other commercial interiors.

The tile is extremely light weight, reducing the need for extensive seismic bracing. And if you're looking to create a great contemporary look with a black suspended ceiling, you can achieve this with a black C Max and black CBI grid. 

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High Performance Acoustic Ceiling Tile

  • LR 87% +
  • Density 100kgs/m³²
  • Fire Test – Group 1-S
  • Moisture Rate < 1%
  • Thermal Resistance < 0.4 (m² – k/w)

C Max Absorb 15mm Tile

  • NRC 0.85
  • SAA 0.94
  • aw 0.80
  • CAC & D n,c,w 22
  • 1.5kg
  • Est R Value - R0.4

C Max Absorb 20mm Tile

  • NRC 0.90
  • SAA 1.02
  • aw 0.90
  • CAC & D n,c,w 23
  • 2kg
  • Est R Value - R0.5

C Max Absorb 40mm Tile

  • NRC 0.95
  • SAA 1.12
  • aw 0.95
  • CAC & D n,c,w 32
  • 4kg
  • Est R Value - R1

Size: Square Edge, Reveal Edge, *Concealed, Direct Fix *[1200 x 600] [600 x 600] [2400 x 600] *[1500 x 300] *[1200 x 300]

To Suit 24mm grid patterns 

Colours: White and Black

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