ClearVue Roofing System

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ClearVue Roofing System is New Zealand’s only BRANZ Appraised Solution for Clear Roofing.

The impressive design spans achievable using the unique glazing system ensure a modern linear look and fluid flow from indoor to outdoor, with minimum structural interruption.

ClearVue is lightweight and flexible enough to withstand earthquakes, yet strong enough to protect from wind, rain and snow. Available in Clear, Grey Tint, Diffused, Solar Control & Blue Breeze coloured panels. 

ClearVue high quality flat panel design will make most out of the light, without the cost and weight of glass and comes with a 15-year full replacement guarantee.

  • Category
    Polycarbonate Roofing, Fixed Canopy Roof
  • Range
    Translucent Roofing
  • Branz Appraised
  • 15 Year Full Replacement
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation
  • High UV Protection
  • Economically Priced Compared to Glass Systems
  • Impact Resistant
  • Powder coating

  • Colours: Clear, Grey Tint
  • Gauge: 6mm
  • Sheet Size: 3700mm x 586mm, 5100mm x 586mm

  • Colours: Clear, Grey Tint
  • Gauge: 8mm
  • Sheet Size: 3700mm x 736mm, 5100mm x 736mm

  • Colours: Blue Breeze, Solar Control, Diffused
  • Gauge: 8mm
  • Sheet Size: 4000mm x 736mm, 6000mm x 736mm
How to install

Step 1

Cut the ClearVue Glazing Panels, F Sections & Glazing Bars to the required length. Allow 50mm overhang into gutters.

Note: The ClearVue Panels will thermally expand from heat & contract when cold. Allow 5mm per metre panel for thermal expansion. E.g. 3m long panels require a length reduction of 15mm. Therefore at a Glazing Bar length of 3m make your panel length 2.985m.


Step 2

Before placing any of the ClearVue components on the structure. Insert the Rubber Gaskets into the Glazing Bar extrusions. 2 per bottom and 2 per top section.

Note: When using F Sections to finish off the ends of your roof: For 6mm gauge sheet omit the bottom outside rubber seal from the Glazing Bar Bottom section from the first Glazing Bar and last Glazing Bar. With the 8mm gauge sheet omit both the outside rubbers from the top and bottom Glazing Bar sections.


Step 3

For Rafter Application only:

a.  Start by Pre drilling 2 x 5mm holes into all of the glazing bar bottom sections 100mm in from each end, drilling from the underside utilising the extruded line as a centre point.

Note: Drill to create a hole only, the drill will foul if you attempt to drill into the extruded U channel. These holes will be used during the preliminary attachment of the glazing bar bottoms during your set out.

b.  Whilst still at ground level, join the top & bottom sections of the Glazing Bar together at both ends with electrical or similar type tape.

Note: This is a temporary measure as both sections require drilling together as pairs to ensure hole matching. Mark each pair discreetly to ensure that the holes match precisely.

c.  Drill all of the paired lengths from at 300mm centres making sure that your first hole is at least 60mm from the gutter end start position.

Note: The use of a 2mm pilot drill is essential for this process drilling completely through to the other side of the joined pairs. Use the 5mm bit one side at a time to complete the process. The 5mm bit cannot be used to drill directly through both sections at the same time, due to fouling difficulties arising from grooves located in the bottom section U channel. Then disassemble the Glazing Bars into the marked pairs.

d.  Fix all of the bottom Glazing Bar sections to the Rafters at the correct centres (600mm for 6mm sheet & 750mm for 8mm sheet) utilizing the 100mm from both ends of the pre-drilled holes, as mentioned in step 3a.

Fasten directly through the U channel with the screw heads seated on top of the channel. Use 2 of the Pan Head Square Drive Self Tappers 8g x 50mm Stainless Steel Fasteners during this process channel.


Step 4

For Purlin Application only:

a.  Use the narrow line extruded into top the centre of the of the Aluminium extrusion top as your centre point for drilling into the centre of the Aluminium extrusion tops and bottoms.

b.   Pre-drill the top sections of the glazing bars with 5mm diameter holes at 150mm centres along the entire length of the top section. Be sure to drill the top section away from the bottom section to avoid damage to the bottom section securing centre U channel. Note: Start drilling at least 30mm from the lower end to allow the end cap fixing screw clear entry. During the 150mm centre to centre pre drilling process make sure that the purlin fixing locations do not coincide with these holes.

c.  Starting from the centre of the structure, fix all of the bottom sections to the purlins using 2 of the 8g x 50mm stainless steel fasteners per purlin. Utilising the underside narrow line & then drilling a 5mm hole directly through the centre U channel with the heads of the screws seated on the top of the U channel.

Note: Starting from the centre of the structure, will ensure that the 2 most outer panels are of an equal size, If necessary these panels can be cut to the new width on site.


Step 5

Fit the end caps to the end of the Glazing bars at the gutter end only using the 10g x 25mm Stainless steel Pozi Self Drilling Screws. Note: Ensure the end cap is fit flush to the bottom of the extrusion.


Step 6

Peel 50mm of the protective masking back from the long sides of each panel (both top & bottom side) before installing the panel. Be sure to leave the remainder of the protective masking on until the job is complete to avoid damage & unwanted dirt build up.


Step 7

Start by Placing 2 of the ClearVue Glazing Panels side by side, spanning between the glazing rubbers onto the bottom sections of the aluminium extrusions. Be sure that these panels are centered by using the 2mm spacers provided. See Diagram 4.

Note: Install the panel so that the sheet is hard up against the end cap with the thermal gap at the top of the Glazing Bar.


Step 8

For Rafter Application only:

a.  Fix your first top aluminium extrusion where the panels intersect by using the Pan Head Square Drive Self Tappers 8g x 50mm Stainless Steel Fasteners at 300mm centres. Note: Over tightening of the Pan Head Square Drive Self Tappers 8g x 50mm Stainless Steel Fasteners will cause the panels to bow due to thermal expansion.


Step 9

For Purlin Application only:

a.  Fix your first top aluminium extrusion where the panels intersect by using the 5g x 20mm stainless steel cap screws at 150mm centres. Note: Wind down the cap screws until firmly seated, followed by a quarter turn of the screw to give the correct fixing pressure. (Over tightening of the cap screws will cause the panels to bow due to thermal expansion.)


Step 10

Fit remaining end cap screws then fit the Aluminium extrusion covers as you go (tap on with a rubber mallet until they click).


Step 11

After the initial 2 panel placement install one panel at a time leaning over the installed panel securing the top sections as you go. Repeat the process to both ends of the structure.


Step 12

Modify the last panel width (if necessary) & fit the F Sections. Insert the last of the cap screws.

Note: Crawl boards will be necessary to complete the roof, for health & safety reasons do not walk directly onto the ClearVue Roofing structure. Install Flashing Tape to panel surface before Flashing. Note: For low pitches, it is advisable to place tape on bearer under panels to prevent water drawing back up the sheet.


Step 13

Remove the protective masking from the under and over sides of the ClearVue Glazing Panels.

Note: Do not clean the panels dry. Use an approved cleaner to remove any unwanted marks.

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