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CRP Circular Plaque Diffuser

The CRP di­ffuser is an adjustable supply air plaque di­user thatoff­ers an alternative appearance to the CRA range with visually appealing styling and a strong ceiling e­ffect. All of the di­ffusers in the CRP range have a circular plaque core to maintain a uniformity of appearance. In standard form, the diff­user is manually adjustable to change the supply air volume from a minimum to a maximum position. The adjustment is made by turning the circular plaque core centre. The radial supply air pattern and reduced trim ring of the CRP mean the di­ffuser achieves an excellent ceiling e­ffect. This makes the di­ffuser suitable for variable air volume applications. The radial supply air pattern also means that the di­ffuser still delivers the air horizontally even when there is no ceiling present making it ideal for use with exposed duct systems.

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