Ultrasuite® is a customizable air distribution and lighting solution specifically engineered for hospital operating rooms.

High-output LED lighting combined with precision equalized laminar airflow eliminates the traditional “light ring”, opening valuable ceiling space for surgical equipment while optimizing particulate removal from the surgical zone. 

Conforming to all ASHRAE 170 requirements, Ultrasuite® is the perfect combination of performance, aesthetics, and efficiency.

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    Mechanical Ventilation Systems, Ventilation Grills
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    Air Diffusers
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    Price Holyoake
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Scope of use

The Ultrasuite® is a fully customizable lighting and air distribution packaged system designed specifically for Operating Rooms. The Ultrasuite® meets the unique needs of operating rooms by providing low velocity laminar airflow, providing lighting directly above the patient table, and by freeing up valuable ceiling space for ceiling mounted equipment.

  • Integrated LED lighting and air distribution
  • High efficiency: 100+ lm/W LED lighting
  • Long lifespan: L80 > 60,000 hours
  • Dimmable: up to 300 fc at the surgical table
  • Durable: IP67 sealed LEDs
  • High quality lighting: 90+ CRI
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Holyoake Air Management Solutions by Price has been at the forefront of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) for over 60 years. The brand Holyoake is synonymous with high quality, engineering performance and innovation. Our products are critical components for both large commercial and residential buildings and facilities. With our broad product range, Holyoake is specified across all stages of the construction process.

Operating from manufacturing sites across both New Zealand and Australia helps expand our engineering capabilities to produce industry leading products and facilitates strong customer relationships. Holyoake has built a strong reputation of delivering reliable and high quality products backed by first class customer service.

The Holyoake Group is a diverse and dynamic operation encompassing:

  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Property
  • Forestry
  • Automotive Servicing
  • Marine Service & parts distribution
  • Primary producer