Dimond Advanced Standard

Eliminate Thermal Breaks

Part of the Advanced Roofing System Range, Dimond's Advanced Roofing Systems® is a range of cost-effective roofing systems engineered by Dimond Roofing. Practical, fully detailed and backed by Dimond, our Advanced Roofing Systems are suitable for a range of roofing profiles and are easily optimised for appearance, thermal and acoustic performance, providing the flexibility to enhance performance, all while meeting H1 compliance and client needs.

Dimond Advanced Standard, a composite post and rail warm roof system engineered to manage condensation risks, maximising thermal performance.

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    Steel Roofing, Roof & Ceiling Insulation
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    Advanced Roofing Systems

Superior Thermal Performance
Dimond Standard ensures exceptional thermal efficiency, enhancing comfort and energy savings.

Compliance with NZBC H1 Requirements
With various heights, it meets energy efficiency requirements across different Climate Zones in New Zealand.

Condensation Risk Management
Dimond Standard prevents interstitial condensation risks, preserving structure integrity and longevity.

Durability and Compliance
Built to last 50 years, it meets rigorous New Zealand Building Code standards.

Streamlined Construction Timelines
Allows for early close-in, saving time and resources during construction.

Weather-tightness and Compliance
Aligns seamlessly with industry regulations for weather-tightness and compliance.

Your choice of roof profile including Dimondek 630 clip-fastened roof sheets in continuous lengths up to 90m*.

asy to install to Building Code requirements using the Metal Roofing Code of Practice; building is closed in quickly enabling sequencing of sub-trades to be optimised. Easy to maintain as the roof sheet can easily be replaced if damaged without disturbing the insulation.

For New Zealand
Designed in New Zealand specifically for the rigors of New Zealand’s environment. New Zealand Building Code compliant to clause E2/AS1 and H1.


  • Not intended for installation over a plywood liner.
  • Roof pitch meets the minimum required pitch for the selected top sheet product.
How it works

The Role of a Vapour Barrier

The Challenge
In an insulated roof system, the interior surface of the insulation closely matches the internal air temperature, preventing moisture in the air from condensing. However, as warm air moves beyond this surface and through the insulation, it encounters cooler surfaces, leading to condensation. This accumulation of condensation diminishes insulation effectiveness and can result in long-term durability issues for the roof materials.

Dimond Advanced Standard as a solution
Dimond Advanced Standard offers an effective solution to the challenge of condensation in insulated roof systems by incorporating a vapour impermeable layer, which prevents warm air migration and reduces the risk of condensation accumulation.

This comprehensive approach ensures that moisture from warm air does not reach cooler surfaces within the roof structure, thus enhancing the durability and performance of the system over the long term. Additionally, tailored Dimond Post and Rail heights cater to different Climate Zones in New Zealand, meeting energy efficiency requirements while addressing specific environmental challenges. With streamlined construction timelines, supported by early close-in and Liner Deck installation, Dimond Standard provides efficiency and safety benefits.

Aligned with Building Code and NZ Metal Roofing Code of Practice standards, it assures weather-tightness and reliability, boasting a proven track record of over 60 years in the commercial roofing sector. Overall, Dimond Standard delivers thermal and acoustic performance, effective condensation management, and efficient construction programs.

The Components of the System

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