EasyNiche Tile Over

The classic Tile Over EasyNiche protects you from any potential leaks.

  • Suitable for all wallboards (recommended 6mm minimum).
  • Supplied with self-adhesive reinforcement band for connection to wallboard and waterproofing.
  • Must be installed prior to wallboard, and requires additional framing for correct setup.
  • Supplied with installation materials.
  • 25-year durability and leak-free warranty.
  • Category
    Shower Shelves
  • Range
    Easy Range
Specs / Details
  • One piece lightweight construction made from high impact styrene
  • Built in gradient prevents water ponding
  • Compliant with NZ Building Code
  • Fits into 90mm wall cavity
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation (except footrest)
  • Supplied with installation materials
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We have been inventing superior bathroom solutions since 2001.

With Atlantis you can set your imagination free to express your ideas and transform the look of your new or existing bathroom. Bringing together sophisticated form and enhanced function, we create luxurious shower systems and bathroom products that are stylishly designed and robustly watertight.

It’s a combination of talents that starts with our chief designer, Atlantis founder, Bruce Warner. His striking design vision and his rare engineering abilities, are the basis of our reputation and our achievement.

What does refined design mean?  It means paring away every inessential detail. It means bringing out the most sophisticated, most elegant lines and forms. And it means designing with years of use in mind.

Engineering and technology? Well, we’ve never been satisfied with the usual. We like taking things apart, rethinking them, exploring new possibilities, developing new standards of efficiency, making things more robust, better suited to purpose. In short, we like inventing things that work better than most comparisons.

We’ve put both strands of our thinking into every Atlantis shower system.

Important too, we have never hurried things to market. We’ve taken our time to perfect every feature. Atlantis all-in-one shower solutions underwent a full four years of development prior to release. They have been marketed now for over 15 years, and are enjoyed throughout Australasia.

Beautiful to look at. Fabulous to live with. Astonishingly easy to install. Leak-free for life.