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Achieve the Ultimate Frameless Look with our Minimalist Point Fix Fittings.

Our point fixed 'disc' anchor systems utilize stainless steel pins that are securely bolted through pre-cut holes in both frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrade panels. To ensure maximum stability, the glass is extended below ground or decking level before being firmly fixed in place using the bolts. With a focus on achieving a sleek and contemporary frameless appearance, the compact size of the bolts and bolt covers minimizes the hardware's surface area. This tried and tested design feature allows for a modern frameless look while maintaining the utmost security and reliability for your balustrade installation.

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Hidden Fixings

The 'face fixed' nature of an anchor disc system means that when seated on your balcony, the hardware is totally invisible. Combined with our Sentry Glass, you have a true frameless glass effect and keep those views totally unobscured.

Engineering Solidarity

Our premium 316 grade heavy duty hardware is designed to the highest engineering standard. When installed by our experienced team of tradies, you're looking at a balustrade build worthy of the best homes in Auckland.

Range of Styles and Finishes

Where the fixing detail remains the same, its fascia can be customised. We typically offer circular discs or squares in stainless or matt black finishes but they can be powdercoated to any of the popular colours.


Circular Discs

Circular fittings have been a mainstay for years in high spec Auckland homes. Lags bolt through the structure and pre made holes in the glass. They are capped with a 50mm diameter circular disc and a spacer between the glass and the structure.

In residential settings there is a maximum glass height of 1100mm for (up to very) high wind zones with anchor pair spacings set 600mm apart for internal applications and 400mm for external balconies.Stepped Discs can be used with 12mm toughened glass with interlinking rail or 13.52mm toughened SentryGlass laminated glass with a minimum pane width of 1200mm. Interlinking rails must be connected to each glass pane or to the building.

Square Anchors

A slightly different take on the circular disc which may better suit the surrounding areas or nearby design cues. Rather than a circular disc, it is simply a square design. This system follows the same technical guidelines as the round anchors above.

Rectangular Faceplate

A taller profile at 164mm height than the more common 50mm disc, the rectangular faceplate essentially covers a pair of vertical anchor fixings. The specifications will also remain the same as the aforementioned styles. A maximum glass height of 1100mm with spacings set at 600mm centres for internal applications and 400mm for external balconies. 12mm toughened glass with interlinking rail, EVA laminate or 13.52mm toughened SentryGlass.

Pradis Clamps

A face fixing technology with a similar appearance to a discreet mini post. The bottom of the hardware appears to run along the bottom of the glass, emphasizing the clean geometry and well defined lines of this balustrading system.

In residential settings there is a maximum glass height of 1100mm for (up to very) high wind zones. Pradis clamps can be fixed at up to 800mm centres for steel, concrete and bolted through timber and 300mm centres for timber with lagscrew. The Pradis sytem can be used with 12mm toughened glass (with interlinking rail) or 13.52mm toughened SentryGlass laminated glass with gap clamps. The interlinking rail and/or gap clamps must be connected to each glass pane or the building.

Glass Types

12mm toughened safety glass (top rail - or if not protecting a fall)

If used in a pool fencing or balustrading scenario when not protecting a fall greater than 1m the more cost effective toughened safety glass can be used. The glass is 12-15mm thick and clamped into the posts. In the unlikely event of a breakage, the glass shatters into small fragments.

Although the small individual fragments may be sharp on some edges, it is far less dangerous than the shards produced if a sheet of traditional float glass breaks.

For balconies or raised applications a top rail must be used with this style of glass.

Sentry glass - toughened and laminated (for safety in protecting a fall)

For the frameless look when protecting a fall greater than 1 metre, Sentry (or EVA Laminated) Glass must be used. Highly resistance to collapse, Sentry Glass interlayers are five times stronger and up to 100 times more rigid than other conventional interlayers. The interlayer stays together and upright even when both panes of glass have been broken.

If the glass ever breaks, fragments remain firmly bonded to the sentry glass interlayer, eliminating glass falling to the ground or over the edge.The glass retains its clarity, is extremely durable and resistant to clouding.

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