Induction Cooktop, 90cm, 5 Zones with SmartZone

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Minimal - Series 9

This Series 9 cooktop is a joy to use, with the instant response and energy efficiency of induction technology.Immediate heat response and extremely accurate temperature control

Complementary Design
The subtle black glass and durable matte black detailing are designed to pair with the Minimal style Series 9 Ovens. With premium styling and detailing, these cooktops seamlessly blend with other appliances for a cohesive, considered kitchen design.

Cooktop remains cool to touch until a pot or pan is placed on the surface

Enhanced Features
PowerBoost and GentleHeat deliver either very high or very low heat, fast. Perfect for specialised cooking tasks such as searing meat and melting chocolate. An integrated timer ensures a great result every time PowerBoost activates a very high heat, bringing liquid to boil in less than a minute

Instant Response
Go from a boil to a simmer in seconds. Touch&Slide controls react immediately when you adjust the temperature so you don't waste time in the kitchen.

Easily control each cook zone with Touch&Slide, including pairing cook zones to create a large SmartZone.

Safer Choice
Induction cooktops only start heating your pot or pan once you've placed it on the ceramic surface and stop as soon as you remove it - so you don't have to worry about curious little fingers or leaving a cook surface on.

Easy Cleaning
The surface around your cookware stays cool when you cook - preventing baked-on spills and making cleaning up a breeze. The ceramic cooktop surface, including anodised detailing for durability, just needs a quick wipe after use to maintain its good looks.

Superior Efficiency

Less heat is wasted during induction cooking because only the cookware is heated, not the cooktop surface. This makes induction cooking more energy-efficient than electric or gas cooktops.

Large, Flexible Cooking Area
SmartZone links two cooking zones and controls them as one, giving you the flexibility to use large pans and griddles and easily handle bigger food items such as a whole fish.

  • Category
  • Brand
    Fisher & Paykel
  • Warranty
    2 years


  • Flat easy clean glass surface
  • Pan detection system


  • Auto cut-off timer for each zone
  • Minute timer
  • Soft-touch electronic controls
  • Touch and slide controls


  • Supply voltage: 220 - 240V


  • Depth: 530mm
  • Height: 54mm
  • Width: 900mm


  • Parts and labour: 2 years


  • Centre: 1850/2600W
  • Centre front: 2100W
  • Left front zone (PowerBoost set): 2100W (3700W)
  • Left rear zone (PowerBoost set): 2100W (3700W)
  • PowerBoost: up to 5500W
  • Right front zone (PowerBoost set): 2100W (3700W)
  • Right rear zone (PowerBoost set): 2100W (3700W)


  • Auto heat reduce
  • Dual zones
  • Gentle heat
  • Heat settings: 9
  • Induction cooking technology
  • PowerBoost
  • Zone bridging


  • Keylock
  • Pan detection system
  • Safety time out
  • Spillage auto off
  • Surface hot indicators


  • Joiner kit: Part 534731 (required to join two cooktops)
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Induction Cooktop, 90cm, 5 Zones with SmartZone

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