Rolawn Seasonal Kikuyu Blend Lawn

Discover the epitome of turf excellence with our premium selection. This distinctive turf variety is characterized by its lighter color, imparting an aesthetically pleasing touch to any landscape. Its unique composition combines springy resilience with a robust, coarse texture, making it the ultimate choice for play areas subjected to heavy use. Engineered to thrive in environments with limited irrigation, this turf stands as a testament to both durability and visual appeal.

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Ideal for play areas that demand a resilient surface, this turf variety is tailored for rugged settings where toughness is paramount. Its adaptability to warmer climates makes it a standout choice for regions with challenging water availability. However, it's important to note that this turf may exhibit sensitivity to colder temperatures. To overcome this, consider oversowing during specific times of the year with a Rye/Fine Fescue blend. This strategic approach not only enhances cold tolerance but also ensures year-round vibrancy, transforming your play areas into resilient, low-maintenance landscapes that leave a lasting impression.

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Since April 2003 Marathon Turf Company has established a modern turf nursery producing very high quality lawn turf ROLAWN has since become the brand of choice for many professional landscapers. Grown and produced in Te Kauwhata, New Zealand.