Rolawn New Season Tall Fescue Lawn 

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Introducing our hardy Tall Fescue grass seed – a resilient choice for varied climates. While these grasses are naturally tough, cutting corners during installation hinders their potential. A mature root system is key to their performance. Invest in a meticulous installation, providing optimal conditions for growth. Patience early on ensures a foundation for a lush and enduring lawn. Our Tall Fescue seed isn't just a product; it's a promise of lasting beauty with proper care. Choose excellence, choose longevity – choose Tall Fescue for a robust, weather-resistant lawn.

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Experience the unmatched resilience of our Tall Fescue grass seed, designed for diverse climates. While inherently tough, the key to its enduring performance lies in a meticulous installation process. Cutting corners at this stage risks hindering the establishment of a mature root system, crucial for the grass's long-term health and vitality. Invest in the future of your lawn by providing optimal conditions during installation, ensuring the seeds take root and flourish. Our Tall Fescue seed isn't just a product; it's a commitment to excellence, promising a visually stunning and enduring lawn when given the care it deserves from the start. Choose longevity, choose Tall Fescue for a resilient and weather-resistant landscape.

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Since April 2003 Marathon Turf Company has established a modern turf nursery producing very high quality lawn turf ROLAWN has since become the brand of choice for many professional landscapers. Grown and produced in Te Kauwhata, New Zealand.