Louvretec's award-winning Spiral Pivot system motorises over 17 different sizes of our Airfoil (aerofoil shaped) and Rectangular shaped Sun Louvre blades. Louvre blades can turn up to 180 degrees open or closed and can be stopped at any point along the way so you get to set and control conditions.

The Spiral Pivot system can also be used to create hand operable sun louvre panels - our other hand operable system is our KISS Pivot System, a simple easy to use hand operable system.

The Spiral pivot system keeps the actual operating mechanism that allows the louvres to rotate hidden, it can also keep the motor and gearbox out of sight providing a clean, seamless aesethetic.

The Spiral Pivot system's great design flexibility allows for a number of installation options to exactly suit the design requirements of any project.

Another motorised system we can offer you is our Elam Street System where motorised sun louvres are housed and operated inside a beautiful box section 'stand-off' frame - the motor and operating system is hidden and is well specified for over windows.  

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Sun Louvres can turn up to 180 degrees and can be stopped at any point along the way. Louvres can be either motorised or hand adjustable.

Spiral Pivot configurations:

  • Motor under overhead frame
  • Motor over overhead frame
  • Motor at rear of vertical frame
  • Motor at bottom (or top) of vertical frame
  • Motor between overhead or vertical panels – dual drive only one motor required
  • Hand operable gearbox under overhead panel
  • Hand operable gear box at rear of vertical panel

The following louvre sizes are compatible with the Spiral Pivot system:

  • 120mm Airfoil
  • 180mm Airfoil
  • 125mm Louvreline Flush (rectangular shaped blade)
  • 200 Louverline Flush (rectangular shaped blade)
  • 150 Midi (airfoil shaped blade)
  • 180 Louvereline Weatherboard Flush (rectangular shaped blade)


The Direct Drive Pivot system is driven by an external drive arm and operates Louvretec's 300mm Maxi Louvres. This system has been carefully engineered to meet design an wind load requirements inherent when motorizing large blade louvre systems.

The following louvre sizes are compatible with the Direct Drive Pivot system:

  • 300mm Maxi Louvre
  • 600mm Maxi Louvre on application
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Louvretec are market leaders in Opening Roof and Sun Louvre Systems, with a 22 year heritage.

It has been said of today's architecture that everything has a flow to the outside. This practical statement sums up what we do at Louvretec - our products provide links and connections that enable that flow. 

Open up your home to the outdoors and enjoy indoor outdoor flow by installing a Louvretec Opening Roof or Retract Roof. Opening Roofs can be motorised open to let the freshness of the day in to your outdoor room, or close the louvres when you require overhead shelter for your deck area. Our Retract Roof takes it one step further by being able to retract back the louvres when you want to view the sky above.

Close in the sides of your Opening Roof with our frameless Glass Sliding Doors or Mesh Shade Outdoor Blinds to create a beautiful outdoor room in your home and enjoy welcomed space and flow to the outside.

Our range also includes a large range of Sun Louvre systems available in many width sizes from 70mm right up to our 600mm wide maxi louvre blade with sizes in between. Louvre systems can be motorised, hand operable or end or bracket fixed. 

Our sun louvres also create beautiful sliding or bifolding Shutters as well as stunning louvre gates and fences that add to the street appeal, functionality and design aesthetic of your home. 

Whether an extension or part of a new build Louvretec is always integral to the design of residental homes or commercial buildings.

Explore the options today.