StoPoren Brick Vener Construction

Over 50 years ago a manufacturing process was developed that led to the invention of light weight concrete. Its unique structure being 20% the weight of concrete, easily worked, incombustible, acoustically and thermally effective has ensured its acceptance in the construction industry.

Based on traditional construction methods Sto replaced small traditional bricks with a 600 x 200 x 75 mm solid brick system for fast and simple the installation. StoPoren Brick Veneer (AAC) provides a ventilated-cavity designed system, incorporating a 40 to 75 mm drainage cavity between the interior and exterior claddings. Combined with the Sto Render System of choice, the StoPoren Brick Veneer Facade System provides optimal protection and finish with warranty for your building investments.


  • Easy to use, cut and detail.
  • Reinforced lintels for openings.
  • Ventilated-cavity design.
  • Time & cost efficient construction.
  • Good acoustic properties.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Non-combustible & fire resistant
  • Tested for mortar & strength.
  • For residential & commercial applications.
  • Category
    Bricks, Render Plaster Systems
  • Range
    Facade Systems
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About the

Synonymous with rendered facades, Sto is a company with worldwide experience in exterior insulation, renders and coatings. Sto has built a reputation for providing compliant, weathertight and highly durable exterior rendered facade systems, with a unique range of textured finishes, that extend the life-cycle of the building facade.

As the authorised partner of Sto for Australasia, we are committed to the Sto philosophy. "Building with conscience".

Sto Render and Facade Systems are tested and appraised by BRANZ to surpass New Zealand's tough environmental conditions. Installed by our experienced network of Sto registered LBP Contractors, and have the added protection of the StoWarranty with StoService Assurance program. Protecting you and the property investment.