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StoVentec R

A ventilated rainscreen facade system with a seamless render finish - The StoVentec R system is fixed to the exterior wall with a highly-engineered adjustable aluminium sub-construction with cavity between the facade and the render carrier board. This can be part-filled with optional mineral fibre or other insulation as specified for effective external wall insulation. Thanks to the ventilation of the system, the substrate and optional insulation remain permanently dry, protected and functional.

With almost no limits to facade design due to the flexible sub construction, sustainable recycled glass carrier boards and the unlimited variety of finishing renders in any colour, StoVentec R allows for outstanding designs to be realised.

The StoVentec R system has been designed to suit just about any substrate, including porous concrete and timber-framed buildings. Used both in the construction of new buildings and in refurbishment, the adjustable stainless steel sub-construction corrects uneven substrates up to 320mm and provides the ability to accommodate for curved structures. The ventilated cavity ensures the wall remains dry and breathes. The system components are adaptable to meet the needs of each individual project.


  • Adjustable stainless steel sub-construction up to 320mm.
  • The mineral fibre insulation board provides high thermal performance and fire protection.
  • Made of 96% recycled expanded glass granulate and reinforced on both sides with glass fibre mesh for superior impact resistance.
  • Optional insulation.
  • Seamlessly rendered facade (minimal control joints).
  • Suitable for curved surfaces.
  • Complete supply and install.
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