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StoStucco Render System

Stucco, an outstanding solution with a reinforced backing, dates back to pre biblical times using saplings and an application of clay plasters to decorate and protect buildings.

Embracing this concept by using the latest render technology and European components, Sto has released StoStucco, a render system on a rigid stainless steel lath. This compliant system meets the requirements of the New Zealand building code for architects and designers. Following traditional practices the StoStucco System is a guaranteed solution to cover timber framed construction and allows the designer an opportunity to bend the rules when designing residential or commercial construction property.


  • Unlimited design possibilities due to the flexible lath.
  • High durability and impact resistance.
  • Highly resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Dry-cavity design.
  • Faceload tested to 6.5 kPa.
  • Seismic racking tested.
  • ISO 5660 fire tested.
  • Wind pressure to 4.9 kPa 69m/sec.
  • For residential & commercial applications.
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