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Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building façade with Stroher brick slips. Our product successfully replicates the look of traditional bricks but offers a cost-effective and safe alternative. Our brick slips are the perfect solution for achieving a brick finish on a building without using actual bricks.

Our brick slips come in a range of systems for attaching them to an external wall and are available in various colours and designs. We offer a wide range of brick slips and stone slips that are suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

Upgrade your building’s appearance with Stroher traditional brick slips. There are several advantages of using brick slips for building facades, including:

Cost-effectiveness: Brick slips are an affordable alternative to traditional brickwork. They are a more cost-effective option as they require fewer materials and less labour to install.
Safety: Brick slips are much lighter in weight than traditional bricks, which makes them a safer option for building facades. They can be easily attached to the exterior of a building without the need for additional structural support.
Variety: Brick slips come in a wide range of designs and colours, making it easier to achieve the desired look and feel for your building facade. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, traditional or modern finish, there’s a brick slip design to suit your needs.
Durability: Brick slips are durable and long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for building facades. They are resistant to weathering and fading, which means they will maintain their appearance for years to come.
Insulation: Retrofitted Brick Slip systems can also be designed to provide additional insulation to buildings, which can help to reduce energy costs and increase the energy efficiency of the building.

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