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The Tempio Rustikotta terracotta facade system is unmistakably linked to traditional shingle façades. This contemporary expression of the past adds depth and character to any project.

The Rustikotta coating system from Tempio, is a traditional wall façade adapted to an avant-garde production process.

The Rustikotta facade system’s high performance credentials can be seen in it’s resistance to high temperatures, stability of colour and it’s naturally waterproof nature. The unique combination of natural porcelain terracotta clays and a unique firing process contribute to the texture and feel of the facade.

Tempio is a world leading company in the production of porcelain terracotta ventilated/rainscreen facade systems products and systems.

Sustainability without Maintenance

Introducing Tempio Ruskitotta – the epitome of sustainability and maintenance-free façade systems. Ruskitotta makes a substantial and positive impact on sustainable development and eco-friendly construction. It sets the benchmark for architectural innovation, offering the added benefit of zero maintenance costs over time. External conditions have no effect on the porcelain terracotta, and rainwater is all it takes to keep it clean.

Ruskitotta is a reliable and high-quality option, opening up a world of possibilities for your architectural designs. Unleash your creativity and add a personal, unique touch to your projects with the exceptional durability and sustainability of Tempio Ruskitotta.

The Latest Ceramic Technology

More and more architects and designers are opting to use this material for their facades, which not only is aesthetically pleasing, but it also offers freedom. The freedom to create or restore new buildings, thereby making them unique. Buildings that will be enjoyed by future generations due to the fact that facades made with Rustikotta are an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable investment.

The best materials and the latest ceramic technology are used to make this product resistant to extreme temperatures, waterproof and it is easy to install, and what is more it creates an exceptional visual effect.

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