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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is now a popular heating system for new homes. It is not practical to retrofit into an existing home but it is ideal for new homes with options of either in concrete slab or under wooden floor, between the joists, using Rehau’s diffusion plate system.

Instead of using radiators to heat a room, hot water pipes are laid either into the concrete floor slab or under wooden floors between the joists. This warms the slab/floor providing a warm floor and radiant heat into the room.

It is much more economic to run than electric underfloor systems. In an underfloor system the flow and return from the boiler connect to a manifold which all the pipes run from to each room/area. The flow of water through the pipes is generally controlled by room thermostats that are preset to desirable temperatures. The temperature of the water used for underfloor heating is 40°C which produces a maximum floor slab temperature of 29°C. The room temperature is generally about 8°C cooler.

The floor of your home is separated into zones which can be controlled via thermostats or manual controls, centrally or room by room. The biggest selling point with underfloor heating is that the pipes are hidden and therefore do not impact on the aesthetics of the home. The downside of underfloor systems is that they take substantially longer to warm up and cool down than radiators – normally 3-4 hours from cold.

Our underfloor systems are all custom designed by qualified heating engineers.

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