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Viking EcoStar Tiles

Viking Ecostar tiles provide an eco-alternative to slate roofing. Designed to emulate the look of Welsh slate, they are composed of 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastics from the likes of old car bumpers, door mouldings, radiator hoses; and even off-cuts from the manufacture of disposable diapers! They are also 100% recyclable at the end of their usable life.

The Viking EcoStar system (including the timber-sarked substrate on which it is installed), is less than half the weight of slate roofing. This places less stress on a building, and the timber sarking adds significant bracing to the building’s structure. Additionally, a timber-sarked roof will maximise people’s safety during an earthquake, as opposed to a heavy slate roof where an individual tile can potentially transform into a dangerous projectile if shaken free from the batten on which it is nailed.

EcoStar boasts 45 colour and profile combinations, with each profile having been made up of a minimum of 60 ever-so-slightly-different moulds to ensure the authentic, imperfect look of natural slate tile’s textured surface and individually hand-crafted bevelled edges. Viking Ecostar tiles are a practical solution for period homes; historic buildings, or for modern buildings requiring a timeless slate finish, without the expense; weight and impracticality.

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