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Viking Strandsarking Membrane

What is StrandSarking?

Viking StrandSarking is an H3.1 treated strand board; designed by Juken New Zealand, as a substrate for pitched and low-slope membrane roofs.

As StrandSarking is more rigid and spans further than plywood, it reduces the visibility of sheet joins under asphalt shingles and forgives unevenness in the structure creating a flatter and sharper looking roof.

Unlike plywood, the extra length spans an extra truss; resulting in a stronger substrate and less double-nailing at sheet edges.

The manufacture process involves the soaking of individual woodchip strands in the treatment before they are pressed into StrandSarking sheets. This ensures every sheet is fully treated throughout its entire thickness, as opposed to the conventional methods of treating wood, where untreated sheets are merely sprayed post-manufacture with the assumption that the treatment will penetrate to the board's centre. The treatment used for StrandSarking is solvent-free.

StrandSarking is an ideal substrate for membrane and asphalt shingle roofs. It is double sided which results in a faster, easier installation and can be laid in any direction resulting in less wastage, and can span up to 900mm.

StrandSarking has two Codemark certificates, one for low sloped roofs down to 2 degrees and one for pitched roofs as well as two BRANZ appraisals.

StrandSarking also carries a Declare label; meaning this product will not cause harm to the environment or people once installed.

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