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We create a wellness strategy for your company, your team, or your family. Or ‘level up’ to a ‘well certified’ approach, a highly rewarding, long term strategy with immediate results + positive impact to your people. Not sure what you need + want to explore the opportunity? Let’s talk.

Wellness Architecture
From the air we share, to the sounds we hear – we’re more connected than we realise. In fact, our exposure to indoor environments is currently at an all-time high. On average, we spend 21 hours per day inside. Yes, almost 90% of our time.

It affects us more than we’d like to think. The implications of how we spend our time are showing themselves in our mental, physical and emotional health. It’s not just about keeping a healthy diet or exercise regime, it’s the big stuff that’s really impacting us; it’s where we spend our time.

There’s a reason that the Wellness Architecture trend is on a steep trajectory, it continues to make sense. It’s working and it’s here to stay.

Through substantiated research, exciting new materials, innovative technology and rigorous building standards, Wellness Architecture is now possible. Not only that, it’s been coined as one of the most meaningful future wellness trends of 2019.

Good_Space puts human health and wellness at the core of the design process, making the unseen – seen.  We’re here to heighten their level of understanding, serving up palatable science and actionable wellness design strategies.

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