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Kanat is an Auckland-based Interior Design studio specialising in bespoke Residential and Small Commercial interiors.

Good design creates a sense of ease, both in the process and the end result. It enhances the experience of space and makes it a joy to inhabit.

Aesthetics, atmosphere and practicalities are considered equally. The influence one has on the next produces a magic. That magic is felt through the memorable moments of simply inhabiting a beautifully designed space. It enhances our clients’ lives both functionally and aesthetically. And it flows from the things they hold close, that we are able to bring out and into the world with them.

We work closely with our clients to develop principles that will guide and inform their design, this process creates spaces that have intention and a true connection between client and design.

Our design experience spans apartment living, mid-high end residential, workspaces and retail interiors and offers design, procurement and project management capabilities.

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