Taking its cue from the timeless architecture of Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson for their works in the 1950’s, the Arkley development is the construction of two complimentary bespoke homes on a large waterfront property. The modernist contemporary style epitomises honest practical use of a simple palate of materials. Steel, concrete, timber and glass are used in subtle ways belying the degree of detailing and workmanship undertaken to achieve the seamless look and understated quality.

Clear floor to ceiling glass opens the interior up to the stunning vistas of East Tamaki, Mt Wellington and the city beyond. Two distinctly expressed horizontal slabs for the floors and the roof sandwich the open space for living. The slab edges are off-the-shutter concrete whilst the floating facards are hook-seam aluminium cantilevered off a strong two storey concrete wall. The innovative design along with the eco-friendly building materials and technologies set new standards for excellence for environmental sustainability.

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We are dedicated in creating outstanding sustainable architecture using the best building design, methodology and technology. Our desire to achieve truly innovative bespoke homes that not only respect and respond to the local environment but exceed the needs, expectation, and improve the quality of life, of our home owners and that of future owners.

Quality is the ultimate measure of value.