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Ascot Vale House

Modern renewal

Built by hand by the original owner, this 1940s period home in Ascot vale is a labour of love. With all the grandeur to be expected of an art deco dwelling, the former building itself was quite modest in its construction, with just two bedrooms in the efficient arrangement. Home to a young family with two active kids, it was time for the next stage of this house’s life.

The site presented us with a unique challenge, set to a grid of 45 degrees off true north. To best capture light in the new and existing spaces, we looked away from the standard and perhaps more efficient ‘box-on-the-back’ design response, and instead redefined the axes of the extension, drawing upon the compass points. The result is a new addition cranking to the east, peeling away from the original home and providing new sources of light to the internal spaces from the north, east and south. The new space is surrounded by a series of light courts and gardens acting as a light, lush backdrop to the striking space. 

With a shared love of exposed brick and natural materials, together with the client we explored a way to embrace and enhance the original intricate brick detailing and hardwood throughout the new additions, staying true to the home’s heritage while providing a modern renewal. The subtle detailing and period accents formed inspiration for the palette and motifs for the project overall.

Photographer, Derek Swalwell

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