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Chef's Kitchen

This kitchen was part of a new home build for a prominent Chef.  The brief was to have a highly functional kitchen that was not sterile looking.  A scullery that had an Italian Deli feel to it, which needed to house a large number of appliances, many of which you wouldn’t see in the average kitchen.  In the main kitchen they wanted a more contemporary feel, with large landing spaces for plating up.

The main key for me was to achieve the right balance between commercial application and personal home use – and incorporating commercial equipment into a home setting without it looking out of place, as they are generally not made to sit within cabinetry; I had to cleverly disguise these within the cabinetry, whilst ensuring they had enough airflow but not having huge gaps around them.

As the kitchen was situated in a very large prominent space of the home and has polished concrete floors through-out, I wanted to soften the overall look and provide the room with a furniture feel.  Therefore I chose Zebrano Veneer which I used on the back wall overhead cupboards and draws, plus on the front of the island.  I chose Corian Cirrus White to create a very large seamless counter top, which was continued down the sides and the base of the island.  I then placed LED lighting around the island for accent colour, which also provided a more dramatic feel at night.

Photography by Kallan MacLeod

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