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Clarion Hotel Trondheim

Aurubis - Nordic Royal Copper Alloy

Clarion Hotel in Trondheim is one of Scandinavia's largest convention hotels and the biggest in Norway. Its architects, Space Group, adopted a strategy of orientating distinct, slab-like private room wings to capture the perfect views for visitors over sea, landscape and city. This torsional act twists open the central atrium to generate a thoroughly three-dimensional space with a complex, faceted roof form – a deconstructed golden star - cascading down. The building is a dramatic sight from any angle, but particularly from above where most visitors first view it, when arriving by air.

Rigorous materiality

The design exhibits a rigorous application of materiality between the different elements. The massive, textured dark box of the main conference hall contrasts starkly with fully glazed bedroom blocks, silk-screen printed white but dematerialising to form windows with a soft, cloud-like effect. Breaking through between each block and linking them together is the shattering gold star, formed from an alloy of copper with aluminium and zinc.

Project architect Jens Niehues commented: "In the copper alloy we found a material which enabled us to design with a vibrant surface which reflects the inherent function of the 'Star' and gives it a rich, golden through-colour. Besides realising our conceptual intentions, of course the material also had to meet the technical challenges of the demanding climate of the west coast of Norway.

"The copper alloy does not develop a blue or green patina over time, even in this harsh climate, but keeps its golden colour. The characteristics of the material allow vertical, horizontal or inclined joints which underline the triangular shape of the 'Star'. Furthermore the material can be worked to a crisp edge reveal and the gutter details are clean. The choice of golden copper alloy definitely paid off in the final building."

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