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Clevedon Estate

Twin client-commissioned pavilions were added to the site of an existing home that resides in hilltop splendour in rural Clevedon. The style is dramatic, bold, rugged yet refined, with no compromises in creating spaces that are sublimely indulgent and gorgeously liveable.

The pool pavilion, rendered in supremely textured timber, concrete, and stone, creates a space that is versatile in the emotions and functions inspired by its elegant, mannered styling. Perched atop the four broad steps of a gently elevated foundation, the pavilion presents the illusion of looking down on the pool from great height – the effect is one of privacy, contemplation, and exclusivity. In contrast, this lodge-inspired retreat is built for sociability and alfresco meals, and provides a space that is celebratory, warm, and welcoming.

The second pavilion is more extensive and highlighted by an expansive office space with a hilltop view that is dramatic and breathtaking – the effect of the overlook is inspiring and kinetic, akin to that first step into the void prior to soaring flight. This pavilion also includes garaging space that effortlessly transforms the mundane and functional into an architectural show piece.

Between the two, a small courtyard partially open to the sky contains a solitary tree that reaches up toward the sun – the view overlooks the hillsides and inspires quiet thoughts and harmony with nature.

Photography by Simon Devitt

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