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Coatesville House

Coatesville Passive Solar House, Rodney, North of Auckland, New Zealand 

The family house is designed as a series of stacking sawtooth roofs designed to capture every possible bit of sunlight during winter and naturally exhaust warm air through a series of clerestories during summer. The family house design is abit like an old sawtooth shaped factory roof- but smarter! The home is 270m² situated on a 1.5 acre property with bush and valley views.

The house relies on exposed insulated concrete slabs and large insulated vertical precast concrete walls for optimised passive solar gain and heating during winter time. The roof shapes and windows function as clerestories allowing a natural stack effect to cool down the interior and naturally ventilate the bedrooms and living spaces over summer time.

'Awarded overall winner of the CCANZ (Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand), Concrete 3 Sustainability Awards, for Residential Design’

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