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Eco Aitu Retreat

With an impressive cliff-top position overlooking a private beach, this Atiu Island site is nestled into a secluded, ecologically sensitive environment. Northeast of Rarotonga in the Southern Cook Island group, Atiu boasts rare and sensitive plant species.

With no infrastructure in the area, this ECO Tourism accommodation destination and weekend retreat needed to be self-sufficient, while also care-taking the native plant life.

The building and decks are constructed to 'float' over the ground to avoid disturbing the delicate flora. The building generates its own electricity with solar energy and collects storm water for drinking. A sanitary sewer storage and treatment system is installed under the western deck and pumped to an evapo-transpiration field some 150m from the residence.

The footprint of the main building replicates a compass with two separate structures anchored together by an open deck and roof structure. Spacious outdoor areas at the corners of the main building provide shelter for all weather conditions and the position of the two building structures give guests separate, private outlooks.

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