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Hundertwasser Art Centre Whangarei

The Hundertwasser Art Centre has been on the drawing board for years and finally came alive last year but was only officially opened last month following months of COVID restrictions. This centre, which was built as a legacy to the well-known Austrian artist and visionary, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, was designed to include the man’s particular artistry and architecture. The centre represents Hundertwasser’s art, just as the famous Kawakawa public toilets have done for years.

The design for this architectural work of art took many years, with Equus Industries involved with the architects all along the way, working to provide a waterproofing solution for the structure. This included a roof garden which ended up being insulated at the same time as being waterproofed. Other areas such as the ramp were also waterproofed. The Duotherm Green Roof system – using the DuO Landscape membrane - was installed over several months by our applicators in Whangarei, resulting in an impressive garden.

This system complies with the New Zealand Building Code, and the DuO Landscape membranes hold current BRANZ appraisals.

Architect: HB Architecture
Applicator: Whangarei Waterproofing Ltd
Photo: Supplied by Hundertwasser Art Centre

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