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Intellisys House

This project is located in a stunning 400sqm clifftop house, adjacent to the most picturesque golf course in NZ. This is also Intellisys HQ and is brimful of technology.


  • Whole house CBUS Automation backbone
  • All indoor and outdoor lighting fully controlled and dimmable, including DALI dimmed LED’s
  • Scheduled and scene controls of lighting, blinds, towels rails, demisters, vents, electric blanket, fireplaces
  • Pool and Spa controls, including filtration, heating, treatment, pH regulation
  • 6 Zones of irrigation
  • 8 zones of under floor heating controls, including software thermostats per zone
  • Air conditioning integration with software thermostats
  • Power usage and management of 3 phase power, including scheduled load shedding
  • Full high level integration with Protege security and access controls
  • Schedule+ based 3M commercial touch screen integrates all CBUS control, Protege security/acces and multi-room AV
  • Push smart device controls of all AV and theatre

Security and Access Controls

  • Commercial grade Protege security and access control system
  • Full 2-way integration with CBUS Automation
  • Each smoke and intrusion sensor monitored and displayed individually
  • Full central electronic locking for the whole house
  • Each door, gate, garage door is centrally controlled and monitored
  • Council Approved Virtual “Pool Fencing” – using technology rather than a physical fence for pool security

Multi-room AV

  • 7 Zones of audio, including 2 HD Bluesound audio streaming sources
  • Custom speakers around the house including Marine grade speakers from James Loudspeaker
  • 4 zones of HD Video

Data and Wifi

  • 48 ports of gigabit wired data
  • Multiple high speed wifi access points to cover whole house including decks
  • All housed in a centralised rack, together with the multi-room AV

Acoustically Engineered Theatre

  • Designed, treated with measured performance by Intellisys
  • All absorbers, bass traps and diffusers designed and manufactured by Intellisys
  • Stretched fabric finishes designed and implemented by Intellisys
  • Atmos ready HD surround sound processing using Audio Control M5, USA
  • High power amplification using Sunfire, USA
  • 3 x M & K SC300 front speakers
  • 4 x M & K MP150 surround speakers
  • 2 x X12 dual 12” push-pull sub-woofers
  • 1 x X10 dual 10” push-pull sub-woofer
  • True 4K Projection from Sony
  • 155” acoustically transparent anamorphic wide screen from Image, Germany
  • D-Box Motion installed in full electric recliner leather theatre seating – feel the action!
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