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C-Bus – 273 controlled circuits

  • Lighting
    • Dali dimmed LED lighting throughout the interior of the house and some exterior
    • Relay controlled landscape LED lighting
    • Control via switches, scenes, PIRs, and house state (occupied and unoccupied). Triggered lighting from security panel (alarm, smoke, welcome home etc)
  • Control of Vanda Roller Blinds and curtain motors using C-Bus shutter controllers
  • Control of Louvretech louvres with rain sensor for auto-closing
  • IP control of Haiku ceiling fans via C-Bus, allowing control from eDLT switches and touchscreen and scheduled turn on based on air temp
  • Temperature monitoring of rooms
  • Thermostat control of hot water under floor heating
  • Control of electric under floor heating
  • Control of ducted and in ceiling aircon units using airtopia interface
  • Hot water controls for heating and ring main circulation
  • 3 phase grid and solar power monitoring with load shedding ability
  • Control of steam room
  • Control of pool filter, heat pump and temperature adjustment
  • Control of bathroom appliances – Towel rails, ventilation, mirror demisters

Security and Access control

  • Based around a Ness M1 Gold Security panel with integration into C-bus
  • Access control of all doors in the house from C-bus switches and Automation touchscreen
    • 8 Alarmed zones of the house
    • 26 electronically controlled and monitored Trimec V-locks
    • Controlled and monitored garage door
    • External Keypad access to select doors
    • Council approved Virtual pool fence with point to point sensors
    • Virtual property intrusion fence
    • 2n Gatestation with camera and access to motorised front door
    • Use of remote key fobs for arming, disarming and access control
    • 14 system based smoke detectors integrated into the Automation system to light an exit path during an event of fire
    • Automated lighting sequences based on house occupancy, and time of day
    • Full battery back up support of system and locks
    • System touchscreen keypad

Multi-Room Audio and 4K UHD video distribution

  • 10 independent zones of multi-room audio
    • Axium AX1250 Audio matrix switch paired with Audio Control Rialto 400 amplifiers and Onkyo recievers
    • Speakers around the house comprise of Live wall invisible speakers, MK Sound IW-950 and V12 Subwoofer, James Loudspeaker Marine grade outdoor speakers and James LCR custom speaker bar
  • 6 Zones of TV with 4k UHD HDMI distribution
  • Blue Stream HDMI Pro series Matrix switch with HDBT receivers
  • Distribution of Sky, Bluray and Apple TV
  • Control of all Audio Zones, TV’s and equipment using push controls with iPad interface
  • Blue Sound Vault 2 and Node 2 streaming audio players

Home Cinema

  • 11.2 Channel Atmos surround sound set up
    • Front speakers are MK Sound SC300
    • Rear and side surround speakers are MK Sound MP150
    • Ceiling front and rear atmos speakers are MK Sound IW-950
    • Audio Control Maestro M5 Processor with ATI 1.4KW D-Class power amp
    • Audio Control Rialto 400 power amps for atmos speakers
  • Sony 4K 3D projector
  • Cambridge Audio 4K Bluray Player
  • Screen Excellence 183” anamorphic, acoustically transparent projection screen
  • Acoustic Tuning of the room including extensive absorption, bass trapping and diffusion. Walls and ceiling are wrapped in stretched acoustically transparent fabric and are lit in stunning RGB LED lighting
  • Controls of theatre equipment, lighting and ducted aircon via iPad tablet

Data and Wifi

  • 42 unit Data rack housing patch panels, switches, Distributed A/V equipment
  • Ubiquiti 48 port switches and 24 port POE switch
  • Ubiquiti Mesh AC access Points
  • Ubiquiti wireless bridge to Out buildings
  • 3000VA UPS battery backup and filter
  • Yeastar VoIP PBX
  • Grandstream Wifi IP phones
  • Grandstream Android touch screen IP desk phone
  • 2n IP Force gatestation with HD Camera
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