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Iplenish Day Spa

Archimedia responded by creating a modern insertion that sits cradled within the traditional interior of the historic Post Office. The fit-out floats within the existing space with minimal intersection with the existing floor, wall and ceiling surfaces. A private light well is created on the street side of the insertion, allowing the original external wall to be perceived intact and uninterrupted.

The form of the insertion is deliberately organic and sensuous and details are suppressed to contrast with the geometric heritage mouldings and trim. The form was created direct from a 3D model creating frames similar to a boat building methodology and then overlaid with plywood and specialist interior plaster.

The spaces clinical spaces are kept crisp with a cleanness of detail to reinforce this as a medical facility, not just a pampering clinic. However, the relax and hospitality rooms introduce a great richness of colour and texture, derived from the heritage context.

The internal materials selected are natural and tactile and invite exploration of the surface as an representation of skin.

Ponsonby,  2004

Project Team

  • Lindsay Mackie
  • Russell Pinel

Photography:  Archimedia

Press & Awards

  • DINZ Best Awards Spatial Design Retail 2006
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