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Jonah's Boutique Hotel

Hotel Room Fit-Out

The custom joinery in the ocean view rooms at Jonah’s Boutique Hotel are an integral part of the guest experience.

The shaker detail with v-joint grooves, brass handles, brass shadow line detail, and timber veneer lining to the joinery balances elegance and opulence. Each room is lined with half height wall paneling and dado rail, and bespoke luggage racks with stone top and brass legs.

The overall result is relaxed yet sophisticated, a place where guests can rejuvenate and unwind in luxury on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

"The detail and craftsmanship in the bespoke mini-bars are a testament to the level of service Keedah provide in both the end product and also the process." - Sally Baxter (Baxter & Thrum)

Photography by Dan Gosse

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