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The brief for this compact family home uses Patya Veda design principles. The most important principles of Vedic architecture are the direction and orientation of the home and the auspicious placement of the main entranceway for the positive influence of wealth and fulfilment. These principles were a priority for our client and Yellowfox worked to incorporate them into the designs for the home.

Bricked walls at either end of the wedge-shaped house were recessed to create protection from the elements.  This not only added character but ensured the home reacts well to its’ windy climactic conditions.

Yellowfox used recycled non-toxic materials where possible when designing the interiors of this home. The interior is spacious and filled with natural light, with a thoughtful colour palette and energy efficient up-lighting throughout the main spaces.  The kitchen has a modern form, showcasing several species of timber. Colour pops throughout the home again to add the client’s personality to a very neutral palette.

This house won gold at the Master Builders House of the Year Awards 2014 and has been featured in many magazines and other design publications.

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