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Merenkulkijanranta Complex

Aurubis - Nordic Brown Copper

Load-bearing walls of the building are made of precast concrete. Facades are built on the ground and covered with white plaster, except for the southern facade, which is coated with copper. All apartments have glazed balconies lined with wood. Glazing is also possible to open. This is the first apartments in Finland and other Nordic countries, which by design extend partially into the sea. The challenge of this concept is frost and ice during the winter.Concrete, which is used for construction must therefore be very strong. Mechanical stresses ice is in fact more of a problem than water itself. Once the pack ice at the time under construction, it may cause vibration. You may not be feeling in the apartments. Apartments pillars and foundations are therefore separated bearings. Houses, which extend into the sea, were built using the same technology as building bridges, during which the building is erected makeshift dam, which will be removed when construction will be completed.

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