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Chain Mail.

Coastal in its setting yet urban in every other sense, Chain Mail in Mount Maunganui was built on a small site for clients who demanded something different. While we recognised the coastal positioning of the property and the practicalities that it demands (harsh climate and a lot of time spent covered in salt water and sand), the home ignores a coastal aesthetic. Instead, we embraced strong industrial structures and materials to create all of the necessities and luxuries of a city home at the beach.

You disengage the moment you arrive. Everywhere you go, you are staring at the ocean. There is no (physical or psychological) block in your way. Multiple outdoor entertainment areas allow for all day entertainment, basking in the sun and view – whether you’re at the bottom, top, front or back of the home. The open light stairwell connects the upper and lower living whilst providing two very distinct spaces. Living, Kitchen, Indoor and Outdoor Dining and the Master Bedroom upstairs makes disconnecting from the world (and the kids) easily accessible. In turn, the kids have their own private existence downstairs.

The Master Bedroom and Bathroom needed to be truly private and given Stewart is on one of the busiest roads in Mount Maunganui, it was an exciting challenge. The solution? The left corner of the home was wrapped in chainmail (Kaynemaile) armour, shielding it from the world with no restrictions to the view or the outlook. Also like a blanket, the exaggerated roof cantilever wraps the outdoor living area, providing security from the elements and other distractions. Stewart is a welcome change to New Zealand’s coastal vernacular.

Construction by Stewart Construction

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Mt Maunganui Stewart House
Chain Mail.
Beach view.
Chain Mail.
Kids bedroom.
Kitchen + BBQ space
Multiple levels.
Master wardrobe and bathroom.
Master bathroom.
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Kids bedroom.
Master bedroom.
Chain Mail at dusk.
Chain Mail.