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Viking Enviroclad Waterproofing Membrane

Viking Enviroclad offers absolute watertight integrity for low-slope roofs. It is a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) waterproofing membrane rendering all the necessary attributes of a world-class system, from waterproofing to aesthetic and environmental elements.

Viking Enviroclad has been a proven performer. It has been tried and tested both internationally and locally, having been installed on thousands of buildings and homes across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands since 2007.

Viking Enviroclad is not just a membrane, it is a ‘system’. It is not complete without its compatible adhesives, sealants and proprietary weldable accessories; all internationally lab-tested, proven and supplied by the one manufacturer in the USA.

Does your roof have an air conditioning unit, tricky corners or pipe penetrations? These are the areas most prone to potential leaks if not managed properly. Viking Enviroclad’s heat-weldable accessories have been developed to ensure water tightness in these vulnerable areas. These accessories range from heat-weldable internal and external corner flashings, to self-sealing pourable pockets to create a watertight finish around penetrations.

For a list of Viking Enviroclad accessories click here.

For all Viking Enviroclad specification documents, CAD details, product technical statements, CodeMark and BRANZ certificates click here.

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