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Museum of Fire

Aurubis - Nordic Bronze Copper Alloy 

The pavilion comprises three ‘wavy’ walls joined with glazed sections, forming a sculpture-like composition. It has been developed on an embankment, making it highly visible from all directions. Architects Barbara and Oskar Grabczewski have broken, folded, bent and cut its body in such a manner that it represents the natural behaviour of fire.

The associations with fire are enhanced by the copper façade which triggers an impression of burning fire when shimmering in the sunlight. Not only does the copper lend a fiery colour but, having been polished, it shines brightly and reflects the surroundings.

If the copper were left exposed to the elements it would oxidise and then patinate, eliminating the ‘fire’ effect of the copper.  This problem was solved by the manufacturer of the copper sheet who proposed method to prevent patination of the copper. The copper façade has been painted with a special varnish, similarly to that used on a car body. The transparent varnish secures the shiny polished copper surface, preventing it from patinating, thus ensuring the natural fiery tint for years.

Natural concrete walls are used inside the building where one will find a number of exhibition rooms that have unusual forms.  The building holds multimedia exhibitions, demonstrating scientific aspects of the natural phenomena which surround us. It is modern in form and architecturally uncompromising, designed for people curious about the world – the younger ones, predominantly, but it still escapes artificial divisions.

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